Rear Bumper

Rear Bumper

CMM holding fixture for stamping parts of exterior for automotive parts TTM is a excellent supplier which had wealth practical experienced at design and manfufacture...

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Rear Bumper

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Our main products:
3D CMM Holding Fixtures(Just pilot datum&clamp)
Single stamping checking fixtures
Single plastic checking fixtures
Single Carbon Fibre Checking Fixture
Assemble stamping parts checking fixtures
Assemble plastic checking fixtures
Assemble Carbon Fibre Checking Fixture
Hot Forming Checking Fixture
Cubin Checking Fixture
White Body Checking Fixture

About us:

Our expertise is in leading R&D,manufacture and measure serving automotive checking fixtures&jigs and auto parts machining.With advanced equipments CNC 42 SETS,CMM17 STS,5 AXIS 2 SETS from Taiwan,Janpan,USA,ITALY,GERMANY. Annual output can reach over 1500sets. High quality,competitive price,24hours feedback.


Our strictly control
We always follow the inspection concept "improve the skill level,establish A qualified idea.
The pursuit of 100% rate of quality objectives.



Our capacity Breakdown:

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