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Flexible gage

Broadly speaking, with adjustable, most of the parts can be reused special size error detection tools can be classified as flexible checker. Flexible gage can be adjusted through the appropriate completion of the different models or product testing, so with one to many, the space occupied by small, less waste of material characteristics. At the same time, the flexible gage is usually a modular structure, the manufacturing cycle is usually relatively short.

Three generations of editors

A, how to distinguish between the first generation, second generation, third generation flexible checker

The earliest flexible gage (the first generation of the G1 flexible checker) refers to the modular seized or combined gage, combined fixture, with a free combination, re-use and other characteristics, including the screw hole array, profiles, hydraulic and other different forms The

The second generation of G2 flexible checker is based on the probe of the seizure, with adjustable, quantitative measurement and so on.

The third generation of G3 flexible gauges refers to a new generation of field error detection system, the probe position, angle can be arbitrarily set according to user needs, the tooling can also be adjusted according to the product, the measurement process automatically, the data directly into the database , The higher end of the flexible gage system with error data analysis function, the data can be used for statistical process control (SPC). G3 flexible gage can also be a relatively low cost online detection system.

Feature editing

1) What are the characteristics and advantages of flexible gauges compared to traditional gages?

Flexible gage has some special advantages of traditional gage, including: a flexible checker can adjust a small product can be adjusted (one or more adjustable, saving storage space, parts can be reused), automatic measurement , Automatic data recording, high precision measurement, not afraid of deformation (low maintenance costs), short development cycle.

2) Flexible gage can replace the traditional gage?

Flexible gage is an important complement to the traditional gage, and some occasions such as space is not easy to install the probe when only use the traditional seized. Flexible gage can not completely replace the traditional gage.

3) What is the accuracy of flexible gage? How to guarantee?

The accuracy of the flexible gage is guaranteed by the accuracy of the probe. As the probe can be reset to zero, even if the tooling accuracy is low or deformation, as long as the probe back to zero, the system can automatically complete the compensation, the basic will not affect the use.

4) What are the shortcomings of flexible gage?

Flexible gage using the probe way to measure the error, so the measurement point is discrete; and the traditional gage is the reference surface for the measurement of the measurement point is continuous. Flexible gage is automatic measurement, the need for stable power supply; traditional gage is usually a pure mechanical measurement, generally do not need power.

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