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- Oct 18, 2017-

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Fixture refers to the machinery manufacturing process used to fix the processing object, so that possession of the correct location to accept the construction or testing of the device, also known as the fixture (qiǎ jǜ). In a broad sense, any process in the process, used to quickly, easily and securely install the workpiece device, can be called fixture.

The fixture is usually set by the positioning element (to determine the correct position of the workpiece in the fixture), the clamping device, the knife guide element (to determine the relative position of the tool and the workpiece or guide the direction of the tool), indexing device (so that the workpiece in a single installation The completion of a number of processing stations, rotary indexing device and linear moving indexing device two types), connecting components and fixture (fixture base) and other components.

Introduce the editor

Such as welding fixture, inspection fixture, assembly fixture, machine tool fixture, etc., which is the most common machine fixture, often referred to as fixture. When machining the workpiece on the machine tool, in order to make the surface of the workpiece can meet the size of the drawings, geometric shapes and the accuracy of the location with other surfaces and other technical requirements, the workpiece must be installed before the workpiece (positioning), clamp (clamping) The

Classification editor

The type of fixture according to the use of features can be divided into: ① universal universal fixture. Such as machine vise, chuck, sucker, dividing head and rotary table, etc., have great versatility, can better adapt to the processing and processing of the object transformation, the structure has been stereotypes, size, specifications have been series Of which most of them have become a standard accessory for machine tools. ② special fixture. For a certain product parts in a process on the needs of the clamping and design and manufacture, service object specific, highly targeted, generally by the product manufacturer to design their own. Commonly used lathe fixture, milling machine fixture, drilling mold (guide tool in the workpiece drilling or reaming with the machine fixture), boring die (guide boring bar in the workpiece boring machine fixture) and accompanying fixture In the combination of machine tools on the automatic line of mobile fixture). ③ adjustable fixture. A special fixture that can be replaced or adjusted. ④ combination fixture. Fixtures consisting of standardized components of different shapes, sizes and applications, for single product, small batch production and temporary tasks for new product trial and product replacement.

In addition to the vise, chuck, sub-head and rotary table and the like, there is a more common called the handle, in general, the tool fixture when the word appears, most of the fixture refers to the handle.

Lathe fixture

In the lathe used to process the workpiece, the outer surface and the end of the fixture called lathe fixture. Most of the lathe fixtures are mounted on the spindle, and a few are mounted on a bed saddle or bed

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