How is the fixture designed

- Jun 22, 2019-

Most welding fixtures are specially designed for the assembly welding process of certain welding assemblies. They are non-standard devices and often need to be based on product characteristics, production conditions and your actual situation.Need to design and manufacture by yourself. Welding fixture design is one of the important contents of production preparation and one of the main tasks of welding production process design. For cars, motorcycles and airplanes It is no exaggeration to say that there is no product without welding tooling. By making the required tooling type, structure sketch and brief description at the time of process design, based on this Complete detailed structure and part design and all drawings.

The quality of tooling fixture design has a direct impact on production efficiency, processing cost, product quality and production safety. For this reason, designing welding tooling must consider practicality, economy, and Reliability, artistry, etc.

Dimensional chain problems are common in mechanical design and manufacturing processes. In the process of assembling parts into machines, that is, combining and accumulating the relevant dimensions on the parts. Due to part size There are manufacturing errors, so there will be integration and accumulation of errors during assembly. The total error formed after accumulation will affect the performance and quality of the machine. This creates a dimensional error in the part The relationship between the interaction with the integrated error. Design fixtures are no exception. It is important to reasonably determine the dimensional tolerances and geometric tolerances of the part.

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