Versatility of car inspection tools

- Nov 29, 2018-

The car inspection tool is a special inspection device used to measure and evaluate the dimensional quality of parts. At the production site of the parts, the on-line inspection of the parts is carried out by means of the vehicle inspection tool. For this purpose, the parts need to be accurately mounted on the inspection tool, and then the parts can be inspected by visual inspection, or a measuring meter, or a caliper, or Visual inspection of the different types of holes on the part and the joint position between the parts and the parts by means of inspection pins or visual inspection ensures that the quality status of the parts is quickly judged during trial production and start-up production. In this case, by visual inspection or measurement, it is possible to judge the deviation between the size and shape area of the part contour and the relative position and the theoretical value of the gage directly processed by CAD/CAM.

For some extremely important functional dimensions on the part, it is also possible to use a car gage for numerical testing. It is usually not possible to obtain the exact coordinate values of the parts based on the body coordinate system directly by means of the vehicle inspection tool. Instead, the parts are placed on the vehicle inspection tool and measured by a coordinate measuring machine. The structure of modern car inspection tools is designed to be used as a measuring stand. However, when the online inspection function and the measurement bracket function of the vehicle inspection tool cannot be satisfied at the same time, the online inspection function of the vehicle inspection tool should be satisfied first.

The car inspection tool is developed according to the special planning and design requirements of each model. It can be inspected by professional car inspection tools for size and size, and then used for measurement and evaluation. It is mainly used for measuring, adjusting and batching the mold precision in the production preparation stage. Daily management of the dimensions after production. For new models, especially for new models, there is less reference material. At this time, the car inspection tool can help the debugging work quickly, especially when the condition of the parts and equipment is unstable in the early stage, it can be a reference. The main body of the vehicle inspection tool is a main frame of the inspection tool, including the inspection tool base (that is, the reference surface), the vehicle body surface and the mounting portion. Generally, the base and the vehicle body surface are made of epoxy resin or aluminum.

In the product verification phase, the vehicle inspection tool can also play a key role, especially in the batch part* trial installation stage, many design confirmation work can be carried out on the main model inspection tool. In the trial production stage, the conflict between the body-in-white and the plastic parts inside and outside is often unavoidable. The car inspection tool can effectively determine the root of the problem, the digital prototype and the production model and the various parts together. Thereby guiding the modification of unqualified parts, indicating the direction for product quality improvement. The manufacture of automobile inspection tools is usually divided into aluminum parts, resin or iron parts. In consideration of daily maintenance and service life, we must regularly maintain and handle them, and sometimes surface treatment such as spraying.

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