What is non-standard automation

- Jul 13, 2018-

Non-standard automation refers to non-standard automation equipment customized according to customer needs. Also belonging to the field of automation, the function is an automated mechanical device designed and customized according to the requirements of the enterprise user. The operation is convenient and flexible, and the function can be added according to the requirements of the user, and the room can be changed. Commonly used in the fields of industry, electronics, medical, health and aerospace.

With the continuous improvement of labor costs, more and more enterprises are paying attention to the field of factory automation, industrial development, and the demand for workers in all walks of life is greatly improved. In the production sector, labor-intensive enterprise workers Wages are a large expenditure, and the cost is rising sharply. Under the premise of ensuring product quality, we want to make cheaper products. The only way to go is to lower the production cost and improve production efficiency. Manual operation The speed is limited. No matter which station or product, we can't rule out the possibility of operating on a machine.

Small and medium-sized non-standard automatic machinery enterprises always adhere to the business policy of “Credit First, Customer First, Quality First” to serve every customer. Provide customers with integrated solutions from solution, processing, assembly to commissioning. From product conception → solution → modeling → plotting → processing → assembly → debugging, provide a complete set of solutions for customers.

The non-standard automation market will grow rapidly, and the application depth of automation products will continue to increase. The new non-standard automation equipment is often a mechatronics equipment, making full use of the latest achievements of information technology. Non-standard automation machinery will continue to expand and popularize in the future market.

Design is theoretical knowledge, production does not require more aesthetics, practicality, the purpose is simple, efficient, economical, practical. The designer's assessment of the mechanical solution has a strong ability to judge, which can save equipment development time and cost. We will do our best to control the newly developed equipment manufacturing process and achieve the expected results.

Non-standard mechanical assembly is also very important, not simple assembly, complete commissioning, the service life of the same equipment assembly machinery, which not only requires the actual experience of the assembler, the trajectory of the equipment components, tolerances, material properties, etc. We must have sufficient understanding and application, be good at finding problems, and process tracking and quality inspection of parts processing technology, in order to assist a complete set of success.

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