What kind of jig are there

- Aug 09, 2018-

The jig is usually composed of positioning element (to determine the correct position of the workpiece in the fixture),fixture device, cutter guiding element (to determine the relative position of the cutter and workpiece or guide cutter direction),dividing device (so that the workpiece could complete the processing of several stations in the two installations, including rotary and linear moving dividing device), connecting element and fixture body (fixture base), etc.For example, welding jig, inspection jig, assembly jig, machine jig, and so on, of which machine jig is common, often abbreviated as jig.When processing workpieces on a machine tool,In order to make the surface of the workpiece meet the technical requirements of dimensions,geometric shapes and mutual position precision of other surfaces specified in the drawings,the workpiece must be fixed,  positioned and clamped before processing.

Jig types could be divided into:① universal jig.Such as machine vise, chuck, sucker, dividing head and rotary table, etc.,have great universality.It could adapt well to the transformation of processing procedures and processing objects. Its structure has been shaped,its dimensions and specifications have been serialized, most of which have become a standard accessory of machine tools.② Special jig.It is specially designed and manufactured for the clamping needs of a product part in a certain process. The service object is unique and targeted highly. Generally, it is designed by the manufacturer.Commonly, include lathe jig,milling machine jig, drilling die (machine tool jig for guiding the cutter to drill or reamer holes on the workpiece),boring die (machine tool jig for guiding the boring tool hole on the workpiece) And accompanying jig (for mobile fixture on the automatic line of combined machine tool) ③ Adjustable jig.A special jig that could be replaced or adjusted for components.④ Combination jig.Jig made of standardized components of different shapes, specifications and USES are suitable for trial production of new products and individual pieces, small batch production and temporary tasks frequently replaced by new products.In addition to vice, chuck, dividing head and rotary table, there is also a common handle cutter. Generally speaking, when the word cutter and jig appear at the same time, most of the jigs refers to the handle cutter.

lathe jig

The jib device used to process the inner, outer and surfaces of workpieces on a lathe is called the jig device of a lathe.Most of the lathe jig are mounted on the spindle, a few are mounted on the bed saddle or the bed body.

Three-coordinates measuring machine

It is used in the measuring machine and modular support , reference device to achieve flexible fixation of the workpiece under test.The device could be programmed automatically to support the workpiece and set up unlimited reference points for the workpiece configuration.Advanced special software, could directly through the geometric data of the workpiece, in a few seconds to produce the workpiece clamping procedure.

Industrial robot fixture

They are all installed in industrial robots and used in industrial automation equipment,which is one of the new technologies of modern industrial automation equipment.The cooperation with robots is mainly used in modern industrial production. The common usage is machine tool loading and unloading,workpiece stacking, welding, grinding and other automatic unmanned factories.

Milling jig

All are installed on the milling table, with the machine table feeding movement.It is mainly composed of positioning device,clamping device, concrete clamping device, connecting and cutter element.In the milling process, the cutting force is large, and the cutting force is intermittent and the vibration is large.Therefore, the clamping force of the milling machine is large, and the rigidity and strength of the jig device are high.

Bearing pedestal jig

In order to ensure the production quality of bearing pedestal and improve the production quality of bearing pedestal,in addition to using machine tools and other mechanical equipment, a large number of technological equipment will be used.It includes bearing holder clamps, molds, knives and related auxiliary tools.Bearing pedestal jig is a production tool specially used to guarantee the quality of bearing pedestal products.It could make the production process of bearing pedestal more convenient.Different fixtures of bearing pedestal will vary according to their different structures and forms, working conditions and design principles.So there are various kinds and styles of axle holder fixture, both in quantity and in style.It could be used to accurately determine the relative position of the workpiece.In other words, the workpiece that needs to be processed could be intensified,so that the movement required in the workpiece processing can be completed.the fixture of bearing pedestal plays a very important role in the production process,so it is very important to draw the fixture design drawing.

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