Automobile Inspection Tools, Automobile Industry Necessities

- May 28, 2018-

Automobile inspection tools are an indispensable part of the automotive industry and provide the automotive industry with high-standard, high-standard tools for vehicle inspection tools.

The vehicle inspection tool is a tool customized according to high specifications and high standards according to the various components of the automobile. The rapid development of the automotive industry, automotive inspection tools become an integral part of the car, Dongguan Bo Rui Precision Mould Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has a long time of design and development experience, and increasingly become major domestic and foreign auto brand supplier cooperative supplier, is the domestic major car brands Strategic Partners!

The main body of the car inspection tool is the main frame of the inspection tool, including the base (reference surface), the body surface, and the mounting portion of the inspection tool. In general, epoxy and aluminum are used for the base and body surface.

As a result, the mold body mounting portion of the mold must be able to withstand a rolling force of 12 N·m (122 kgf·cm) or more for the body mounting strength.

Therefore, when the material of the main body is made of a resin material, a lamp mounting portion is made of a metal member or the like so as to prevent the lamp from being easily detached and swivelling during loading and unloading.

Automobile gage manufacturing can be divided into aluminum parts, iron parts or resins. Considering the usual maintenance and service life, we should carry out regular maintenance.

In the design of auto-gauges, more consideration must be given to the working space, transportability, and the relevance of borrowing parts of auto parts. This will provide automakers with high standards and high-specification auto-gauges that will improve the overall quality of autos. Service life.

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