Checking Standard Parts Of Each Component Material Selection

- May 28, 2018-

The automobile inspection tool, as an indispensable special tool for automotive lean manufacturing, quickly discovers and eliminates problems by quickly testing and judging the quality of auto parts.

Visual hole marking: Acrylic resin material is used.

Sections, activity samples and other activity detection unit: The detection part uses a thickness of 8 ~ 12mm aviation aluminum 7050, active sample detection part can be used according to the need to use the same material with the inspection body, other parts of steel (Q235A, A3, etc.) .

Main reference (machining reference): Large and medium-sized inspection tools, steel plate or steel plate plus resin for reference materials, and aluminum or aluminum plate for small inspection tools.

Sub-reference (measurement datum): The use of a resin material with the same or higher performance as the main body of the gage, the use of cast aluminum base can not process the secondary datum or directly process the secondary datum at the top of the base.

Base plate: LY12/ZL104, Heat treatment: aging (cast aluminum ZL104)

Clamp bracket: LY12/A3 steel (direct seat clamp bracket is usually made by welding of A3 steel)

Simulation block: LY12 high-strength hard aluminum, heat treatment When the deformation of the part is too large, artificial aging treatment should be performed;

7075 aluminum alloy, heat treatment After the workpiece deformation is too large, should be artificial aging treatment (used for parts of very poor strength, high material prices);

RenShape 470 resin, suitable for sheet metal parts and gauges with high precision requirements;

BM5166 resin, suitable for sheet metal parts and gauges with high precision requirements;

LAB1001 resin, suitable for sheet metal parts and gauges with high accuracy requirements;

RenShape 460 resin is suitable for carpets and gauges with low precision requirements.

Positioning pin, detection pin: GCr15 or equivalent material, surface hardness HRC45 ~ 50, the surface should be smooth, no scratches and other damage.

SKD11 die steel, heat treatment HRC55-60, for HRC hardness> 55 degrees or more;

2316 Die steel, heat treatment HRC48-52 (diameter less than φ16).

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