Classification Of Car Gages

- Jun 09, 2018-

The vehicle inspection tool is a special inspection equipment customized according to the demander's requirements. It not only can inspect the shape, trimming line, fold line, surface position of the part, but also can detect the relative position of the hole position.

First, according to the body of the material points:

1 Resin Checker; (5166/Weishi 460)

2 Aluminium gauges; (cast aluminum ZL107/hard aluminum LY12)

3 Iron gauges; (cast iron HT250/steel 45)

4 wooden gages; (hardwood)

5 Others (such as fiberglass, honeycomb, etc.)

Second, according to different styles:

1 Japan and South Korea inspection tools: Honda, Toyota, Nissan's standards for inspection tools are also different, practical, and more able to reflect the loading effect!

2 Europe and the United States inspection equipment: The general inspection tools as a standard, theoretically strong, generally in accordance with the free state, high requirements on the parts!

Third, according to the function of the gage:

1 single piece inspection tool (single product inspection tool, process semi-finished product inspection tool, process inspection tool, CHECKING FIXTURER, referred to as C/F): mainly used to inspect a single part. The part inspection tool is mainly used to complete the measurement in the process of product processing, and it is often necessary to check the surface and emphasize the continuity of the surface.

2 UNIT GAUGE (referred to as UG): Refers to the use of inspection gauges after the combination of body parts, usually more than two parts combination. The main assembly inspection tool mainly detects the mutual position coordination relationship of each subassembly and the assembly accuracy after assembly.

3 opening inspection tool: OCF is the abbreviation of Open check fixture English, translated into Chinese as open inspection tool.

Ordinary inspection tool is to detect the product; OCF inspection tool is to simulate product parts in reverse to detect the peripheral parts of the product. It is the loading positioning point of the simulation product and simulates the matching relationship between the product and the surrounding links. To imitate a similar product standard sample to detect the matching state of its peripheral parts when loading the car.

Therefore, the OCF inspection tool is also called "sample" or "sample rack."

Or known as OPEN GAUGE (OG for short), refers to the relevant shape of the opening after the body is welded, such as the front windshield opening inspection tool.

Fourth, by product type:

1 Stamping inspection tool;

2 injection molded parts inspection tool;

3 machining parts inspection tools;

4 Body trim parts and cover inspection tools;

5 glass inspection tool.

V. According to the positioning method and the characteristics of detection and evaluation:

1 Measuring Fixture (Holding Fixture): Positions a fixed product in the manner specified in the product drawing. It does not have its own detection function and is used as a special fixture for measuring products in three-dimensional coordinates (CMM).

The measuring bracket is an auxiliary bracket used as a measuring device for a coordinate measuring machine. All its supporting surfaces (points) and positioning reference surfaces must be milled according to the CAD data of the components. The measurement brackets of some special components should also have some gauges. The function.

2 Checking Fixture: Position the fixed product in the manner specified in the product drawing, establish the offset and flush surfaces of the product's own surface, and establish the offset of the feature line on the product's surface. Line, set up the product's own set of pins or pins corresponding to the pin, and evaluate the deviation between the actual product and the ideal product (digital model).

3 Cubing Fixture: Position the fixed product according to the actual loading or assembly mode, establish the ideal matching surface of the product's opponent (environment) product, and evaluate the match between the actual product and the opponent's (environment) ideal match product (data). deviation.

4Nest Fixture: It is mainly positioned on the cavity surface or profile. The orientation system may not be reliable. The boundary surface and or line of the theoretical product shall be established to evaluate the deviation between the shape of the actual product and the position of the hole and the ideal product number modulus. .

Six, tooling fixture

In modern factories, many aspects of assembly and testing are extremely complex. Even very skilled workers cannot quickly, accurately and safely install the accessories they want to add.

In such cases, fixtures (tools) are required to assist positioning, adjust the installation direction, or control the force. This is the most important application of fixtures in the production process.

Tooling, ie, process equipment, refers to the general term for the various tools used in the manufacturing process, including tools/fixtures/molds/gauges/gauges/assist/fitter tools/station equipment.

Tooling is its general abbreviation, tooling is divided into special tooling/general tooling/standard tooling (similar to standard parts).

Fixtures, manufacturing tools, this term corresponds to the fixture, sometimes agreed with the tooling, sometimes also referred to as fixtures, generally used by electronic companies such as Taiwanese-funded/Korean-funded/Japanese-funded companies.

Fixtures are process devices used to quickly fasten workpieces during machining to maintain the correct relative position of the machine tools, tools, and workpieces.

In other words, Workholding fixture is an indispensable component for machining. Under the drive of high-speed, high-efficiency, precision, compound, intelligent and environmental protection, the fixture technology is moving toward high precision, high efficiency, modularity, combination, and general use. And economic direction.

Fixtures are also called fixtures.

In a broad sense, any device used to quickly, conveniently, and safely install a workpiece in any process of a process can be referred to as a fixture. For example, welding fixtures, inspection fixtures, assembly fixtures, machine tool fixtures, etc.

One of the most common machine tool fixtures, often referred to as fixtures, fixtures belong to tooling.

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