Classification Of Fixture

- Jan 16, 2017-

Fixture types by using features can be divided into:

① Universal universal fixture. Such as machine vices, chucks, chucks, indexing heads and rotary tables, there is a great deal of versatility, can better adapt to the object's transformation processes and processing, its structure has been shaped, dimensions, specifications series, most of which has become a standard machine tool attachments.

② Special fixtures. Is a part of a product in a certain procedure specially designed clamping required on manufacturing, the service object-specific, highly targeted, and designed by the product manufacturer. Common lathe, milling machine clamps, fixtures jigs (guide the tool on the workpiece fixture for drilling or reaming), boring mold (guided boring bar on the workpiece fixture for boring) and the accompanying fixture (for mobile fixture on the combined machine tool automatic line).

③ adjustable fixture. Can be replaced or adjusted elements of special fixture.

④ fixture. By different shapes and fixture on the specification and use of standardized components, suitable for regular replacement of trial production of new products and product parts, small batch production and temporary assignments.

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