CMM Fixture Can Complete The Workpiece Fixed

- Jun 13, 2017-

The CMM fixture is used in the three coordinate measuring machine, and its modular support and reference device are utilized to complete the flexible fixation of the measured workpiece. The device can be programmed automatically to support the workpiece and create an infinite reference point for the workpiece configuration. CMM Holding Fixture for Stamping Parts Advanced special software, can directly through the workpiece geometry data, within a few seconds to produce the workpiece clamping program. CMM Holding Fixture for Stamping Parts The flexible modules are fast and effective, and can be fixed and clamped for all kinds of complex workpiece without additional cost.

Enterprise workpiece variety, structure, light by using simple fixture is not completely manufactoring foot measurement, so need to make a special fixture, CMM Holding Fixture for Stamping Parts each product corresponding to a set of fixtures this creates a duplication of resources waste. The constant combination of universal flexible CMM fixture can solve the problem of continuously changing fixture caused by various workpieces. CMM Holding Fixture for Stamping Parts In addition to this advantage, there are the following advantages:

Universal Flexible CMM fixture body part---clamping plate, can fully protect marble platform precision, CMM Holding Fixture for Stamping Parts avoid workpiece directly contact Marble Workbench, prolong its service life;

Can achieve accurate repeat positioning, the main installation board of each hole and fixture components are code, each piece of the clamping method can be made into Notepad with these codes to record, CMM Holding Fixture for Stamping Parts easy to use later measurement, to maximize the user to reduce clamping time, improve work efficiency, as well as provide a reliable way of clamping, to minimize the measurement error, for accurate measurement data laid the foundation.

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