CMM Fixture Saves Production Costs

- Aug 02, 2017-

CMM fixture can be applied to the following extrusion and complex surface of the clamping, with a fixed and measurement time is short, easy to use, versatile, programmable, repeatable detection procedures and so on. The modular component operator can construct the "clamping" module for each "gripping point" and combine the support, CMM Holding Fixture for Stamping Parts positioning and clamping mechanisms so that the "clamping module" can be easily removed from the column and moved in The Easy to use, flexible combination, large workpiece range, cost-effective, fast, repeatable, high installation efficiency is the unimaginable advantages of universal fixture.

product features:

CMM fixture part: clamping the bottom plate, can fully protect the marble platform accuracy, CMM Holding Fixture for Stamping Parts to prevent the workpiece and the table, direct contact, bottom wear to extend its life.

CMM fixture body and parts through a number of simple combination, you can achieve a variety of products and more complex product clamping, you can save the design and manufacture of fixture for the production of funds, CMM Holding Fixture for Stamping Parts better save production costs and enhance corporate recovery rate.

CMM fixture can achieve more accurate repeat positioning, clamping the bottom of each hole and fixture components have code, each clamping method can be used to record these symbols into the notebook, for the next (or need to repeat Measurement and batch measurement) to measure the same product to provide a reference for users to minimize the clamping time, improve work efficiency, and provide a reliable way to clamp, to minimize measurement errors, CMM Holding Fixture for Stamping Parts lay the foundation for accurate measurement data.

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