CMM Fixture To Improve Work Efficiency

- Sep 05, 2017-

CMM fixture used in the coordinate measuring machine, the use of its modular support and reference device to complete the flexible fixed workpiece. The device can be automatically programmed to achieve the support of the workpiece, and the establishment of infinite workpiece configuration reference point. CMM Holding Fixture for Stamping Parts Advanced special software, can directly through the geometric data of the workpiece, within a few seconds to produce the workpiece clamping program. Flexible modules are fast and efficient, CMM Holding Fixture for Stamping Parts and can be fixed and clamped to complex surface workpieces without additional cost.

Continuous combination can be solved due to a variety of different parts brought about by the constant replacement of the fixture. In addition to this advantage, there are the following advantages:

CMM fixture main part --- clamping plate, CMM Holding Fixture for Stamping Parts can fully protect the marble platform accuracy, to avoid direct contact with the workpiece marble table, to extend its service life;

CMM fixture can achieve accurate repeat positioning, the main installation board of each hole and fixture components are code, each kind of workpiece clamping method can be used to produce these symbols into a note recorded, easy to use after the measurement, Users minimize the clamping time, improve work efficiency, CMM Holding Fixture for Stamping Parts and provide a reliable way to clamp, to minimize the measurement error, for accurate measurement data to lay the foundation

CMM fixtures provide a flexible solution for all workpieces, especially those that require low hardness and require complex fixture clamping. Compared with the traditional fixture, CMM Holding Fixture for Stamping Parts the system can be applied to the following extrusion and complex surface of the clamping, with fixed and measurement time is short, easy to use, versatile, programmable, repeatable detection procedures and so on. The modular component operator can construct the "clamping" module for each "gripping point" and combine the support, CMM Holding Fixture for Stamping Parts positioning and clamping mechanisms so that the "clamping module" can be easily removed from the column and moved in The Easy to use, flexible combination, the workpiece range of large, affordable, fast, repeatable, high installation efficiency is the unimaginable advantages of universal fixture.

The use of advanced foreign manufacturing technology, designed for cmm measurement, makes your measurement simple and professional.

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