Coordinate Measuring Fixture Is The Need For The Development Of Science And Technology

- Jul 11, 2017-

Coordinate measuring fixture is a precision measuring instrument, precision coordinate measuring fixture measuring space any point of the coordinates of precision can reach micron level, CMM Holding Fixtures but the modern ultra-finishing, scientific research often proposed nano-level accuracy requirements, so the Improve the accuracy of the coordinate measuring fixture to further request to meet the needs of ultra-finishing and scientific and technological development.

In order to further improve the measurement accuracy of the coordinate measuring fixture, CMM Holding Fixtures it is necessary to adopt a series of comprehensive measures for the factors that affect the accuracy of the coordinate measuring jig. The first is to improve the scale accuracy. The laser interference scale system will be used in the measuring machine. In the use of laser interference scale, there are two issues to note. One is not to let the laser heat generated by the accuracy of the measuring machine, CMM Holding Fixtures the second is to pay attention to the refractive index compensation. In order to reduce the impact of atmospheric disturbances, the optical path can be fully enclosed or semi-closed, that is, the laser interferometer in a closed enclosure work.

Secondly, in order to improve the measurement accuracy of the coordinate measuring fixture, it is necessary to improve his structural accuracy. CMM Holding Fixtures It is particularly important here to improve his repetition accuracy.

Third, efforts should be made to reduce the effects of deformation, thermal deformation and other environmental factors. This takes measures from both structural and environmental controls.

Fourth, but also the use of appropriate sampling strategy. The measuring machine should have the intelligent function, can carry on the best sampling strategy according to the measured parameter and the precision request. The same time as the above-

Coordinate measuring fixture used in the measuring machine, the coordinate measuring fixture is one of the most effective ways to measure and obtain the size data, and use its modular support and reference device to complete the flexible fixation of the workpiece. CMM Holding Fixtures The device can be automatically programmed to achieve the support of the workpiece, and the establishment of unlimited parts configuration of advanced special software, can directly through the geometric data of the workpiece, within a few seconds to produce the workpiece clamping program. Flexible modules are fast and efficient, and can be fixed and clamped to complex surface workpieces without additional cost. The function of the coordinate measuring fixture is to quickly and accurately evaluate the size data, providing the operator with useful information about the state of the production process, which is very different from all the traditional quantities.

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