Coordinate Measuring Fixture Is Widely Used

- Jun 27, 2017-

It is well known that the work platform of the coordinate measuring fixture is the granite platform, but it can not be completely measured on this platform. It is also necessary to use some coordinate fixtures to fully measure. In recent years, CNC machine tools, machining centers, Technology, flexible manufacturing system (FMS) and other new processing technology applications, the three coordinate fixture made the following new requirements:

Three coordinate fixture can quickly and easily equipped with new products put into production, CMM Holding Fixtures in order to shorten the production preparation cycle, CMM Holding Fixtures reduce production costs;

The coordinate fixture can hold a set of workpieces with similarity characteristics;

Can be applied to precision machining of high-precision machine tool fixture;

Can be applied to a variety of modern manufacturing technology of the new machine fixture;

The three-coordinate fixture adopts the high-efficiency clamping device with the hydraulic station as the power source to further reduce the labor intensity and improve the labor productivity;

Improve the standardization of the three-dimensional fixture.

The coordinate measuring fixture is a relatively new and effective tool for modern measurement and acquisition of size data. The use of coordinate measuring fixtures can replace a variety of surface measurement tools and expensive combination gauges. Coordinate measuring fixtures can take the time required for complex measurement items From hours to minutes, so as to quickly and accurately evaluate the size of data, CMM Holding Fixtures technical operators to provide useful data information, which is traditionally used manual measurement equipment is very different. The measured object placed in the coordinate measurement space, you can get the measured items on the coordinates of the measured position, according to the coordinates of these points, you can calculate the geometry of the items to be measured, shape and location.

The use of coordinate measuring fixture is widely used in all walks of life, mainly used in machinery, automobile, aviation, military, furniture, tool prototype, CMM Holding Fixtures machine and other small accessories, mold and other industries in the box, rack, , Worm, worm, blade, curve, surface measurement, in addition can also be used for electronics, hardware, plastics and other industries. The coordinate measuring instrument can accurately detect the size, shape and geometric tolerances of the workpiece, thus completing the tasks of part detection, shape measurement and process control.

The quality goal in the manufacturing industry is to align the production and design requirements of the parts. However, maintaining the consistency of the production process requires strict control of the manufacturing process, which is not easy to do. CMM Holding Fixtures But the use of coordinate measuring fixture can easily and easily create and maintain the consistency of the manufacturing process The most effective way is to accurately measure the size of the workpiece, access to size information, analysis and feedback data to the production process, making it a continuous improvement of product quality Effective tool.

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