Coordinate Measuring Fixture To Reduce Labor Intensity

- Aug 02, 2017-

Coordinate measuring fixture can be used to efficiently detect the contours and appearance and dimensions, dimensions and status of various types of complex parts, especially the microscopic detection and quality control of fine parts.

CMM work platform that is granite platform, CMM Holding Fixtures but on this platform can not be fully implemented measure, but also need the help of some CMM fixture to fully implement measurement, in recent years, CNC machine tools, machining centers, group technology , Flexible manufacturing system (FMS) and other new processing technology applications, the three coordinate measuring fixture made the following new requirements:

coordinate measuring fixture can quickly and easily equipped with new products put into production, CMM Holding Fixtures in order to shorten the production preparation cycle, reduce production costs;

The coordinate measuring fixture can be fitted with a set of workpieces with similarity characteristics;

can be applied to precision machining of high-precision machine tool coordinate measuring fixture;

Can be applied to a variety of modern manufacturing technology of the new machine coordinate measuring fixture;

coordinate measuring fixture with hydraulic station as the power source of the efficient clamping device to further reduce the labor intensity and improve labor productivity;

Increase the degree of standardization of the coordinate measuring fixture.

Coordinate measurement of the role of fixture:

1. Can reduce the auxiliary time, improve labor productivity

As a result of the use of special components so that the workpiece can be quickly clamped in the coordinate measuring fixture, and coordinate measuring fixture through the positioning key, CMM Holding Fixtures the knife block, guide sleeve and other specialized devices can quickly fit in the coordinate measurement Machine and adjust the location, in addition can also use multiple pieces, more than, how fast, power, CMM Holding Fixtures mobility and other clamping devices.

2. Easy to ensure stable processing accuracy

Since the coordinate measuring fixture is fixed in the clamping position of the coordinate measuring machine and the clamping position of the workpiece in the coordinate measuring fixture, it is fixed for processing or measuring a batch of workpieces, so that the workpiece And the probe always maintain the correct relative working position, CMM Holding Fixtures in order to ensure the stability of the manufacturing accuracy to create the conditions.

3. Can expand the scope of use of the machine, using a special coordinate measuring fixture can replace the role of a machine.

4. Can reduce the labor intensity, to ensure safe production

The use of coordinate measuring fixture can reduce the technical requirements of workers, CMM Holding Fixtures so that workers easy to operate, safe production and reduce physical labor.

The composition of the coordinate measuring fixture:

1. Locate the component

It is in contact with the positioning reference of the workpiece and is used to determine the correct position of the workpiece in the coordinate measuring jig.

2. Clamping device

This is a device for clamping the workpiece, which keeps the workpiece in a coordinate measuring fixture at a predetermined position during measurement.

3. For the probe element

This element is used to determine the relative position of the coordinate measuring fixture with the probe.

4. Coordinate measuring fixture body

This is used to connect the coordinates of the fixture to the components and devices to make it a whole piece. It is combined with the machine tool so that the coordinate measuring fixture has a definite position relative to the machine.

5. Other components and devices

Some coordinate measuring fixture according to the processing requirements of the workpiece, CMM Holding Fixtures there must be indexing institutions, milling machine coordinate measuring fixture also have positioning keys

These components are not coordinate measuring machine for each clamp are indispensable, CMM Holding Fixtures but any coordinate measuring jig must have positioning elements and the clamping means, they are the key to ensure the processing accuracy, the aim of the workpiece "Positioning, clamping".

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