Dongguan Hourui - Shanghai International Automobile Manufacturing Technology And Equipment And Materials Exhibition

- Jul 25, 2018-

AMTS-2018 will be launched in Shanghai new international expo center on July 4 to 7. The four-day Shanghai international auto manufacturing technology,equipment,materials exhibition will be held as scheduled.Dongguan hourui takes this exhibition as a transfer station to launch a new voyage and build a leading enterprise in the industry.Create value for customers with international standard and development level!With excellent technology and leading products,Houri has won widespread attention.On-site visitors, industry customers and friends are coming!

▲W4 - D25 booth!Dongguan hourui welcome you!

▲W4-d25 booth shares this enthusiasm with you. Thank you for coming!

▲The audience is very interested and motivated

▲In order to let the audience know more about our company, the staff is giving an open explanation

▲The audience who was deeply attracted by our company sat down for further details

▲The eye-catching product model, your eyes are our honor

▲Significance and results of this exhibition, because of the audience's lingering on the scene.We hope dongguan hourui company can provide you with better services.

Every member of dongguan hongrui employee closely to conduct effective negotiation, which lays a good foundation for the follow-up cooperation with other organizations.According to the information resources accumulated from the exhibition,Further communication and cooperation.Dongguan hourui firmly believes that through continuous interaction and exchanges with professionals in the industry, the industry will surely prosper!

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