Fixture Production General Technical Requirements

- Jan 16, 2017-

1). checking the design, manufacture and acceptance is based on product, data model, and meets the quality criteria for products and gauge, fixture design book requirements.
2). found in product design changes, issued by party a notice of change or related technical documents, party promptly of any changes, and changes to the product design and technical documentation for fixture design and manufacturing.
3). check with design programme book and the check with figure should clear benchmark hole, and benchmark surface, and positioning surface of number and the location, clip tight points (as and welding check with clip tight points keep consistent) number, and location and the clip tight way, determine detection way and various section, and turned side surface of detection requirements, and diagrams description, check with of clip tight points General used three a above, location shall not and detection location occurred interference, detection location by products figure requirements, small check with can used magnet.
4). inspection of the structure design requirements to meet "CMM (CMM)" and "artificial + fixture" on part of the testing requirements in two ways, and easy to operate.
5). fixture test location gap value, higher margin with indelible imprint marked on the gauge measuring tool and instrument.
6). b the fixture making, features parts (provide list of parts and characteristics) with engraved line marked on the fixture, and make relevant points of interest.
7). design of fixture use metric units are mm.

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