Fixtures Introduction

- Jan 16, 2017-

For stationary processing objects in the manufacturing process, to occupy the correct position to accept construction or inspection devices, also known as Chuck, broadly speaking, any step in the process, device for quickly, easily and securely install artifacts, can be called a fixture. For example, welding jigs, inspection jigs, assembly fixtures, jigs, etc. Jig is most common, often referred to as the fixture.

Workpiece in the machine, in order for the drawings can be achieved under the surface of the workpiece dimensions, geometric shapes and other surface between positioning accuracy and other technical requirements, workpieces must be loaded before processing (location), in prison (clamp).

Fixture usually by positioning components (determine artifacts in fixture in the of right location), and clip tight device, and on knife Guide components (determine tool and artifacts of relative location or guided tool direction), and points degrees device (makes artifacts in once installation in the can completed number a station of processing, has rotary points degrees device and line mobile points degrees device two class), and connection components and clip specific (fixture base), composition.

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