Function Of The Main Gage

- May 30, 2018-

Product design stage

For new models, especially the development of new models, the reference materials are relatively few. At this time, the function master model checker can help to perform quick debugging work. In particular, when the status of parts and equipment in the early period is not stable, it can become a reference.

Product verification phase

At this stage, the function master model checker can also play a key role, especially during the first test phase of the batch part, many of the design validation work can be carried out on the master model checker.

Trial production

Master model gages can link digital prototypes to production models and parts.

In the trial production phase, the conflict between the white body and the interior and exterior plastic parts is often unavoidable.

The function master model checker can effectively determine the root of the problem, thus guiding the modification of unqualified parts and pointing the direction for product quality improvement.

After SOP, mass production phase

Master model gages can also be used for daily quality control and problem analysis of parts.

In particular, when the quality of the product fluctuates, whether the body in white has a quality fluctuation, or the deviation of internal and external trim parts, or both, the main model check tool can be used for analysis.

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