General Requirements For The Production Of Gages

- Jun 09, 2018-

The gage is a tool, mainly used to control the size of various products, such as the aperture size, space size, in order to improve production efficiency and quality control, to a certain extent, the gage can replace professional measurement tools, such as plug gauge , card gauges, etc.

(1) In the inspection tool, the part to be contacted is generally metal. The purpose of this is to avoid the accuracy error due to wear after the inspection tool has been used for a long time.

(2) If the reference coordinate is lower than the edge of the bottom plate, an aluminum protection block should be added at the reference position of the gage so as to avoid collision of the base edge.

(3) The inspection tool should have a corresponding instruction manual.

(4) The processing and positioning of the movable block should be easy for the gage operator to assemble and take it.

(5) The organizer should be placed at the top of the gage and cannot be placed elsewhere.

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