High Universality Of CMM Fixture

- Aug 14, 2017-

The CMM fixture provides a flexible solution for all artifacts, especially those that are low in hardness and require complex fixture clamping. Compared with the traditional fixture, the system can be applied to the clamping of the following parts and the complex surface, CMM Holding Fixture for Stamping Parts which has the characteristics of short fixed and measuring time, easy to use, high universality, programmable and repeatable calling detection program. Modular component operators can build "clamping" modules according to each "clamping point" and combine support, CMM Holding Fixture for Stamping Parts positioning and clamping to make it easy to remove and move the clamping module from the column. Easy to use, flexible combination, clamping workpiece range, economic benefits, fast, repeatable settings, installation efficiency is a universal fixture undeniable advantages. CMM three coordinate fixture, is CMM three coordinate measuring machine, automatic three coordinate measuring machine, CMM three dimensional measuring machine's right-hand assistant.

CMM fixture referred to as three coordinate fixture, also known as three-coordinate universal fixture or three-coordinate flexible fixture, three-coordinate measuring instrument is to use the modular support of fixture and its reference device, the measured parts are flexible fixed. The use of CMM fixtures can be fixed and clamped to the parts of any complex surface, CMM Holding Fixture for Stamping Parts minimizing measurement errors and ensuring measurement accuracy.

It is well known that it is not possible to measure directly on the three-coordinate working platform, it is necessary to use some specific CMM fixture to complete the measurement work, because the three coordinate fixture is the main body clamping plate, so as to avoid repeated friction on the platform, can play a protective three coordinate measuring instrument working platform, CMM Holding Fixture for Stamping Parts the use of CMM fixture can also prolong the service life of the machine. In the work, as long as the fixture through the changing combination, you can achieve a three-coordinate measuring instrument in the measurement of a variety of fixture needs.

What is the use of CMM fixture?

Let's take a quick look below. To determine the bottom shape of the part being tested, to select the specific model of the fixture, CMM Holding Fixture for Stamping Parts after which the workpiece will be tested to support the floor, and then to select some to tighten the fixture, CMM Holding Fixture for Stamping Parts the fixture selection also depends on the side shape of the part, so that it is tightly fixed on the floor, in order to improve the accuracy of the detection machine work.

In fact, the installation of each hole and fixture has a code, we can put them any combination of the code to write down, the next time we repeat the measurement of products, as long as the record fixture components installed on the platform, and then on the clip to be measured parts.

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