Hourui Second Quarter Happy Birthday Party

- Jul 26, 2018-

There is a kind of love that is always quietly immersed in our heart. We are very lucky to have the birthday party of houri employees,the strongest affection and the deepest love.For the dream to work together, run together, struggle in the time, because you are with the company,not lonely, thank houri company let us meet in the most beautiful years.

△Happy smiles bloom beautifully

△Eat the delicious food into your stomach, and keep your heart moving

△The bright smile on each other's face is the best interpretation of happiness

△At this moment of carnival, after work to relax

△The scene is filled with lively and cheerful atmosphere, we share the delicious food and have a happy time together.

△Long noodles specially prepared for the birthday stars, wish us happiness and health for a long time!

△so many delicacies, which one is better to eat first?

△Share the joy of your birthday and raise your glass to this wonderful occasion

△Outstanding staff and birthday gift giving wonderful moments

While sending birthday wishes to the birthday stars of this season, we would like to express our love to every houri family: I hope you could have our company every birthday!May we, in every day of the future,All could move forward with hope and happiness.

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