How Many Types Of Car Inspection

- Jun 20, 2018-

Today we talk about some of the major categories of car inspection tools:

Automotive interior trim

Automotive exterior fittings

Car light fixture

Car door panel inspection tool

Car bumper inspection tool

Car dashboard gauge

Automobile body assembly inspection tool

Automotive sheet metal detector

Automotive air conditioning assembly inspection tool

Automotive pipeline inspection tool

Automotive gearbox inspection tool

Car sunroof inspection tool

Car tank inspection tool

Car seat gauge

Automotive sheet metal welding fixture

Car roof inspection tool

Many car manufacturers will use car inspection tools, especially in the process of car assembly. There are many kinds of car inspection tools, and there are dozens of categories. In order to let everyone know more about the car inspection tools, today's Probably speaking about the classification of car gages, and the classification is different, the role played has its own focus.

The auto gage is developed based on the special planning and design requirements of the vehicle in question. It can be measured and evaluated using a professional auto gage to check out its size and size. It is mainly used to measure and adjust the precision of the mold in the preparation stage. The daily management of the size after mass production.

Small soft probably statistics, the more commonly used car inspection tools generally have more than 16 types, a reasonable use of car inspection tools, can be a good increase in the accuracy of various automotive parts, assembly fit, speed up production efficiency.

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