How To Carry Out Regular Maintenance Of Standard Parts Of Automobile Inspection Tool

- Jun 09, 2018-

At present, with the gradual improvement of the design and accuracy of automobile gauges, many automobile gauges must be fully maintained regularly to extend their service life.

1. Basic maintenance of automobile inspection tools: Ensure that the exterior of the inspection tool simulation block is clean, and the positions of some base plates, latches, and inspection pins must be clean; place the movable parts to be disassembled into the corresponding positions.

2. Keep the auto-inspector's own environmental factors of dryness: The storage temperature of the auto-inspector should be between minus 10 degrees Celsius and 60 degrees Celsius; the humidity should be under 60 degrees; the particles should not exceed 2 percent.

3. The maintenance time can be processed in half or one year:

(1) Check if there is any wear on the pin hole and replace it immediately if there is a problem;

(2) Check whether there is looseness in the precision slides and add lubricating oil in time;

(3) timely check the marking scale and whether the coating has fallen off and worn;

(4) Check if the positioning reference is rust and wear, and immediately change or polish it;

According to the above-mentioned several kinds of methods to carry on the maintenance, can guarantee your automobile to examine the tool to be absolutely not to have the big question, the good maintenance can promote the work efficiency to promote, we once again reminds the general user friend, the automobile inspection tool does not like For other inspection products, the high-precision performance of the automotive inspection tool cannot cause any loss.

So be careful about keeping your inspection products.

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