Checking Fixture Buyoff

- Apr 23, 2018-

What are the concrete methods for the checking fixtrue?

     First, the acceptance time and verification and third-party verification of the basic conditions: edit this section of the acceptance time is generally within three days of arrival or both parties agreed time, if the checking fixture has problems or can not determine whether the need for third-party certification, this so-called "Third party" should be an appraisal and inspection agency that possesses national qualifications for measurement/geometry, and the best is that the metrology inspection institute or metrology station/inspection tool under the quality supervision bureau should be better than the checking fixture that has already been sent. Accuracy higher than the two or corresponding accuracy level / testing environment should be in line with national or industry and international testing environment standards, the specific third party verification time should be subject to its third-party verification personnel arrangements, must comply with scientific norms, use of effective The most accurate third-party verification tool. After the third-party verification is completed, the verification agency of the party shall provide a standardized verification text report and an approval of the official seal of the agency.

      Second, buyoff, inspection content: edit this paragraph A. Non-standard checking fixture and measuring tools acceptance

1. The function of the checking fixture is to check whether the checking fixture is designed and manufactured in accordance with the requirements of the checking fixture (the company that designs and manufactures the checking fixture will provide the design drawings of the checking fixture after confirming the plan and reaching an agreement) ie whether the previous design drawing is Consistent

2. Whether the checking fixture has reached the relevant requirements in terms of materials, ie whether it can be used normally in the working environment. (The material for some inspection tools is very special material, such as anti-magnetism, etc.)

      In terms of dimensional accuracy, the supplier may be required to provide the relevant documents and certification materials for the self-inspection at the factory, and if they have relevant detection instruments, they will carry out relevant tests; if the letter is not verified by the supplier, it will not be detected by itself. In the case of instruments, third-party inspection agencies may be inspected. Third-party verification and testing conditions have been clearly described in the first section.

3. Is there any obvious damage caused by packaging or transportation?

B. Standard Inspection Tools and Measuring Tools Acceptance Methods:

1. Whether the inspection is produced by a company or factory that has a manufacturing inspection license, that is, whether the manufacturer has relevant qualifications. In general, a well-known standard measuring tool manufacturer has a permit issued by the national competent authority of quality supervision department for measurement and production. For example, gauges such as vernier calipers as specified by the national standard do not require third-party verification; non-standard gauges and gages are not subject to national mandatory requirements; there should be supplier and purchaser negotiating acceptance conditions and acceptance time, etc. However, reference should be made to the national technical specifications such as design specifications for such products as acceptance conditions.

2. Is there a certificate issued by the manufacturer?

3. The appearance, materials, etc. are consistent with the manufacturer's instructions;

4. Is there any obvious damage caused by packaging and transportation?

5. Don't worry if you can go to the official website of the manufacturer to check if the product serial number is accurately confirmed

6. If you do not trust, you can also send the gages or gages specified by the national standard to the third party to verify whether they meet the technical parameters specified in the national standards.

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