How To Maintain The Car Inspection Tool

- Apr 20, 2018-

1. Ensure that the environmental factors of the vehicle inspection tool are dry: The storage temperature is guaranteed to be between minus 10 degrees Celsius and 60 degrees Celsius; the humidity must be less than 60%; the particles cannot exceed 2%.

2, the basic maintenance of vehicle inspection tools: to ensure that the outside of the gauge simulation block clean, some bolts, detection pins, bottom plate and other places must pay attention to keep clean; the need to disassemble the moving parts placed in the corresponding position.

3, maintenance time can be divided into six months or once a year:

4, check the pin hole has no wear, there are problems to be replaced immediately;

5, check the precision slide there is no loose phenomenon, to add lubricants;

6, check the positioning of the base for wear and rust, and some timely replacement or grinding;

7, promptly check the marking scale and coating there is no wear and fall off

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