The Coordinate Measuring Fixture Ensures The Accuracy Of The Measurement

- Oct 23, 2017-

Coordinate measuring fixture referred to as the coordinate fixture, also known as the coordinates of the universal fixture or three coordinate flexible fixture,  coordinate measuring instrument is the use of fixture modular support and its reference device, the measured parts for flexible fixation. The use of coordinate measuring fixtures can fix and clamp any parts of a complex surface, minimizing the error of the measurement and ensuring the accuracy of the measurement.

As we all know, in the three-coordinate work platform can not be directly measured, it is necessary to use some specific coordinate measuring fixture to complete the measurement work, because the main body of the coordinate fixture is a clamping plate, so as to avoid the fixture in the platform repeated friction, CMM Holding Fixtures Can play a role in protecting the working platform of the coordinate measuring instrument, the use of coordinate measuring fixture can also extend the service life of the machine. At work, the fixture as long as through the ever-changing combination, you can achieve the coordinate measuring instrument in the measurement of a variety of fixture needs.

So what is the use of coordinate measuring fixture? Let's take a brief look at the following. To determine the shape of the bottom of the measured parts, to select the specific type of fixture, CMM Holding Fixtures and then the workpiece will be supported on the bottom plate, and then select some of the fixture used to tighten the fixture selection depends on the side shape of the parts to make it Tightly fixed to the floor, so that when the machine is working to improve the detection accuracy.

In fact, each hole and fixture of the mounting plate are code-named, we can put them in any combination of the combination code to write down, in our next repeated measurement of products, as long as the components of the recording fixture installed on the platform, CMM Holding Fixtures On the measured parts, you can measure.

Now the continuous progress of science and technology, people on the mechanical production parts of the accuracy requirements are getting higher and higher. In fact, CMM Holding Fixtures the accuracy of the test results from the measuring instrument itself performance and measurement methods, more inseparable from the use of coordinate measuring fixture.

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