The Function Of Three-coordinate Measuring Fixture

- Aug 14, 2017-

The work platform of CMM is the granite platform, but it cannot be fully measured on this platform. The use of some three-coordinate measuring fixture to fully implement the measurement, in recent years, CNC machine tools, machining centers, group technology, flexible manufacturing Systems (FMS), such as the application of new processing technology, three-coordinate measuring fixture proposed the following new requirements:

The ▴ three coordinate measuring fixture can quickly and conveniently equip the new product to put into production to shorten the preparation cycle and reduce the production cost.

The ▴ three coordinate measuring fixture can be fitted with a set of workpieces with similar characteristics;

▴ can be applied to precision machining of high-precision machine tool fixture;

▴ can be applied to a variety of modern manufacturing technology of new machine tools fixture;

▴ Three coordinate measuring fixture adopts high efficient clamping device, CMM Holding Fixtures such as hydraulic station as power source, to further reduce labor intensity and improve labor productivity;

▴ improve the standardization of three coordinate measuring fixture.

Three-coordinate measuring fixture used on the measuring machine, three coordinate measuring fixture is one of the most effective methods to measure and obtain the dimension data, CMM Holding Fixtures and the flexible fixation of the measured workpiece is accomplished by using its modular support and reference device. The device can be programmed automatically to achieve the support of the workpiece, and can establish an infinite number of workpiece configuration Advanced special software, can directly through the workpiece geometry data, CMM Holding Fixtures within a few seconds to produce the workpiece clamping program. The flexible module is fast and effective, which can complete the fixed and clamping of all kinds of complex workpieces without the need for additional cost. The function of CMM is to evaluate the size data quickly and accurately, and to provide useful information to the operators about the status of the production process, which is very different from the traditional quantity.

CMM is widely used in the mold industry, it is a set design and development, testing, statistical analysis as one of the modern intelligent tools, but also die products unparalleled quality and technical support of the effective tool. Today, the main use of the three-coordinate measuring clamp with bridge-type measuring instrument, gantry-type measuring instrument, horizontal arm-type measuring instrument and portable measuring instrument. CMM Holding Fixtures The method of measurement can be divided into contact type and non-contact type.

Three-coordinate measuring fixture is essential for measuring the shape of electrodes. The matching of mould core-type cavity and guide-pillar bushing If deviations occur, the deviation value can be found by three coordinate measuring fixture to correct. After the mold core-shaped cavity contour is machined, CMM Holding Fixtures many inserts and local surfaces are machined by electrodes on the electrical pulse, thus the quality of the electrode processing and the non-standard surface quality become the key of the die quality.

Three-coordinate measuring fixture can apply the input of several modules, and compare the positioning, dimension, relative form and position tolerance, curve and curved surface of the finished die with the digital model, the output of the graphical report, the visual and clear reflection of the mold quality, CMM Holding Fixtures thus forming a complete inspection report of the finished die.

In some molds used for some time wear to be corrected, but no original design data (that is, the number of modules), you can use the section method to collect the point cloud, using the specified format output, probe radius compensation after the shape, so as to achieve intact repair effect.

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