The Role Of CMM Fixture Is Very Important

- Nov 01, 2017-

CMM fixture also known as three-coordinate universal fixture or three-coordinate flexible fixture. CMM fixture is the data acquisition of workpiece in three-dimensional space. Through the professional software system to calculate the workpiece geometry shape, size of precision instruments. The working platform of CMM is generally granite stone. When the workpiece is placed on the platform, the measuring machine probe is collected from different directions. However, the placement of the workpiece requires a fixed. So CMM fixture fixture came into being. CMM fixture according to the processing material different, its durability degree and accuracy, CMM Holding Fixture for Stamping Parts the stability degree has the very big difference. Processing technology is also very important. A good fixture can play a stabilizing role and will not cause wear to the workpiece. At present, domestic production of three coordinates of manufacturers and suppliers more. It is necessary to choose a fixture suitable for your CMM fixture. The CMM fixture fixture can be quickly, CMM Holding Fixture for Stamping Parts conveniently and securely mounted on the inspection workpiece. Effectively complete the fixed and clamping of various complex surface workpieces. Minimizes measurement errors and ensures measurement accuracy.

CMM fixture is divided into the base and a variety of support and plunger, fastening screws and compaction blocks, through different combinations, CMM Holding Fixture for Stamping Parts to achieve a variety of workpiece and parts to be fixed. The measuring head of CMM fixture can be collected from different directions. CMM fixture set of a combination of less than 40 pieces, many on the hundreds. Generally consists of the following various tools: 1, Elastic plate, 2 elastic Plate Support column, 3, fixed support block, 4, Height adjustable support, 5, sliding support block, 6, base, 7, fastening screws, 8, fast clamp, 9, strong support, 10, vertical mounting frame, 11, elastic plunger, 120,000 to the joint, 13, Universal Joint Base, 14, compression spring, 15, support Rod, 17, platen, 18, cone support, 19, Operation Tools and so on.

How to do it

When the CMM fixture is used, the base is placed in the correct position on the three-coordinate working platform. The fixed position of the support is determined by the different shape and inspection requirements of the workpiece, CMM Holding Fixture for Stamping Parts and the locking screw is fixed. Then the inspection workpiece is put on the support, and the workpiece is locked with an elastic platen or clamp.

The CMM fixture provides a flexible solution for all workpieces, especially those with low hardness and need for complex fixture clamping. Compared with the traditional fixture, the system can be applied to the clamping of the following parts and the complex surface, CMM Holding Fixture for Stamping Parts which has the characteristics of short fixed and measuring time, easy to use, high universality, programmable and repeatable calling detection program. Modular component operators can build "clamping" modules according to each "clamping point" and combine support, positioning and clamping to make it easy to remove and move the clamping module from the column. Easy to use, flexible combination, CMM Holding Fixture for Stamping clamping workpiece range, economic benefits, fast, repeatable settings, installation efficiency is a universal fixture undeniable advantages.

In the three coordinate on the workpiece processing or testing, the role of the CMM fixture is very important, in order to ensure that the surface of the processing or surface detection table for other surfaces of the location accuracy, the first need is to make the workpiece in the machine tool occupies an accurate position, CMM Holding Fixture for Stamping Parts and in the process or testing processes, To withstand the effects of various forces and always keep this position unchanged. The former is the positioning of the workpiece, CMM Holding Fixture for Stamping Parts the latter is the clamping of the workpiece. This whole process is referred to as the clamping of the workpiece. The process equipment used for clamping the workpiece in three coordinates is called the CMM fixture.

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