The Role Of Plastic Fixture

- May 27, 2017-

The plastic fixture is suitable for connecting the two plastic parts.

The plastic clip holder utilizes the incompressibility of the plastic, imparts uniform pressure to the thin-walled sleeve, and locates and clamps the workpiece by deformation of the sleeve. Or in a number of fixtures, Checking Fixture for Single Plastic Parts the plastic fixture as a force medium, the pressure evenly passed to the spool to clamp the workpiece.

A fixture for a plastic fixture is characterized in that it comprises a first plate portion, a second plate portion and a flexible connecting portion, Checking Fixture for Single Plastic Parts the first plate portion and the second plate portion being moved from the flexible connecting portion And the first plate portion includes a first outwardly facing surface, a first inwardly facing surface and a first through hole, the second plate portion including a second outwardly facing surface , A second inward face and a second through hole facing the second inward face, the first outwardly facing outwardly extending a first flange projecting with a first And the second flange has an internal thread which is respectively opened to the first inward surface and the first flange, Checking Fixture for Single Plastic Parts and the second through hole is respectively opened to the second inward surface and the second inward And the first through hole corresponds to the second through hole. As a result, the thickness of the plastic parts due to deformation of the lock, the bolt directly with the plate contact, to avoid the release of the bolt.

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