Three-coordinate Measuring Fixture Improves Measurement Efficiency

- Nov 01, 2017-

Three-coordinate measuring fixture is a kind of fixture, the use of advanced foreign manufacturing technology, designed for CMM measurement, CMM fixture to reduce the measurement error, for accurate measurement data laid the foundation. The universal fixture is mainly used for clamping different types of workpieces to improve the measurement efficiency and ensure the accuracy of measurement. In the three coordinate measuring process, CMM Holding Fixtures the three coordinate measuring fixture also plays a key role. Universal fixture quality, should be stable to ensure the workpiece processing quality, high production efficiency, low cost, cutting convenient, CMM Holding Fixtures safe and easy to operate, labor-saving, manufacturing, maintenance easy for its measurement indicators. Three-coordinate measuring fixture main part: clamping plate, can fully protect the accuracy of three coordinate measuring machine marble platform, prevent workpiece and worktable, direct contact, reduce bottom wear prolong its life. Versatile flexible fixture using simple, flexible combination, clamping workpiece range, economic benefits, fast, repeatable settings, CMM Holding Fixtures installation efficiency is a universal fixture undeniable advantages. The three-coordinate universal fixture used flexible, durable, repeated use of deformation, with multi-function, can replace a product needs a fixture of the original method, to achieve a multi-purpose fixture purposes, thereby reducing the user a large number of fixture production costs, mainly for three coordinates.

The three-coordinate measuring fixture is used to fix the workpiece in the three coordinate measuring machine to improve the measurement efficiency and ensure the precision of measurement.

Three-coordinate measuring fixture performance advantages

1. The three coordinate measuring fixture can be combined continuously to solve the problem of continuously changing fixture caused by different workpieces.

2. Three coordinate measuring fixture body part---clamping plate, CMM Holding Fixtures can fully protect marble platform precision, avoid workpiece directly contact Marble Workbench, prolong its service life.

3. Accurate duplicate positioning can be achieved, the main installation plate of each hole and fixture components have a code, each workpiece can be used to install the folder to record the use of these codes, convenient for later measurement, to maximize the user to reduce clamping time, CMM Holding Fixtures improve work efficiency, and provide a reliable way of clamping, Minimize measurement error and lay the groundwork for accurate measurement data.

The main advantages of three-coordinate measuring fixture

-Maximum support for various workpiece measurements

-Offers a variety of accessories

-Modular design provides maximum capacity for expansion

-Provides high quality support rods and combinations of various sizes

-operability: The integration of all accessories in a box-users only need to build, use, CMM Holding Fixtures open and rebuild can!


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