Use Of Car Gages

- May 30, 2018-

Automobile inspection tools are inspection tools used by automotive manufacturers to control various product sizes. Products used in mass production, such as various types of automotive parts, can replace conventional automotive parts inspection tools, such as vernier calipers. , depth gauges and other routine testing tools.

1. By formulating and formulating the technical specifications of automobile inspection equipment, the automotive inspection equipment can have unified technical standards and inspection indicators when it is used in the planning, design and manufacturing R&D and use.

2. Scope of application: The requirements apply to auto body inspection tools, door inspection tools, and auto parts inspection fixtures for interior trim parts that are related to the part dimension or auto parts assembly dimension and the body coordinate system.

3. The company is responsible for the preparation, maintenance, and upgrade of the requirements for automotive inspection tools. Auto parts suppliers are responsible for the implementation of this type of technology in the design, manufacture, acceptance, and use of vehicle inspection tools.

4. The auto gage is a special test equipment for measuring and evaluating the dimensions and quality of auto parts.

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