Warmly Welcome Cosma Customer Group To Visit Our Factory

- Jul 25, 2018-

On July 13th,Hourui company welcomed Cosma customer group to visit the factory,The general manager extended warm welcome and arranged a meticulous reception.Accompanied by the vice President of business and foreign trade department,visit COORD3 CMM, machining and CNC production workshop and the whole production process,The product was observed at close range.

△Entertaining customers, is a relaxed and happy exchange.

△Accompanies customers to visit COORD3 CMM workshop.

△Questions on the spot,The staff gave detailed answers with rich professional knowledge.

△Visit the machining workshop

△Visit CNC workshop

△Take a photo with the client group

This visit and exchange, the customer saw my company's overall strength, spacious workshop, advanced production equipment and finished product orderly, The guests are very impressed with our design, development and production technology.Our company have a good working environment, production orderly, harmonious working environment, hard-working staff, left a deep impression to them, full of confidence to our company's future development,laid a good foundation for the future business cooperation, In the future cooperation projects will achieve complementary win-win, common development!

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