Welding Fixture Maintenance

- Apr 21, 2018-

Welding fixture maintenance

1. All welding fixtures should be inspected every six months and fill in the maintenance records.

2. The operator should accompany the maintenance personnel to complete the maintenance work.

3. maintenance content includes the following:

1) Whether the positioning pin is firm and whether it is bent or deformed, and whether the positioning pin wear amount is too large, and the diameter of the general positioning pin and workpiece hole is not more than 0.25mm.

2) Whether the positioning block is firm or not, and whether the positioning surface is worn is generally not more than 0.3mm.

3) Whether the pressure pliers can be reliably pressed and the head wear is serious. If the head area is too small and the workpiece is pressed out of the pit, it must be ground or replaced.

4) Whether the bolts of the connecting parts are tightened securely or not, and whether or not the solder joints are fixed at the spot welding are cracked.

5) Check whether the chute positioning is reliable and whether it moves freely.

 6) Whether the components of the pneumatic clamp are damaged, whether the cylinder and the pipeline leak, and whether the clamping mechanism is reliable.

 7) Whether the marking of welding automobile fixtures is clear.

4. In addition to copper positioning pins, other steel positioning pins must be heat-treated during replacement to increase wear resistance. Drawings require heat treatment when the heat-treated positioning block is replaced.


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