What Are The Advantages Of Car Gages In The Automobile Manufacturing Process

- Jun 20, 2018-

At present, the development of automobile inspection tools is changing with each passing day. In recent years, the development of China's automobile inspection equipment has exceeded its manufacturing technology and production process in many Western countries.

However, there is still a shortage in the high-end automobile inspection equipment market. With the increase in the investment of automobile inspection equipment manufacturers in China, the technology research and development and the cultivation of talents have become relatively mature.

It is believed that it will not be long before China's self-made automobile inspection equipment can be applied to all auto parts and components, and it is highly competitive in the high-end market.

The auto-checker, a new type of auto parts inspection instrument, ensures the safety and speed of automobile assembly. Below, Xiaobian gives you a brief introduction of what advantages automotive inspection tools have in the automotive manufacturing process.

According to incomplete statistics, in 2012, the manufacturing volume of automobile inspection equipment in China was about 40 million, and China’s autonomous consumption was about 23 million, and the other 17 million were exported.

This shows that I have been recognized by the international automotive inspection tools, at least in the low-end international market already has the competitive strength. In today's society, the development of automobile inspection tools has become overwhelming and has become a mainstream technology industry.

It has a very good cutting quality and precision, as well as unmatched processing and inspection speeds.

Now, we briefly introduce the application of auto-gauge technology in automobile mould making.

The application of car gages to accelerate the overall processing speed of the car

During the production of automobile parts, online inspection of automobile parts is achieved through automobile inspection tools. For this purpose, the automobile parts need to be accurately mounted on the car inspection tool, and then the visual inspection, or the measurement table, or the caliper to the automobile part profile is required. , check around.

At the same time, with the help of inspection pins or visual inspection, visual inspections can be performed on the positions of holes in different parts of automobile parts and the connection positions between automobile parts and automobile parts.

In order to ensure the rapid judgment of the quality of auto parts during trial production and start-up production. If, according to the traditional practice, from the inspection to the assembly, the entire body of more than 3,000 parts and components must all be confirmed by professional technicians and old technicians, and the speed can be imagined.

The appearance of automobile inspection equipment completely changed this situation. It can be seen that the application of car gages has accelerated the overall processing speed of automobiles.

There are some precision parts in the auto parts that need to be inspected and polished, and pure visual inspection and manual processing will be very troublesome at this time.

For some of the most important functional dimensions on automotive parts, it is also possible to use a car gage to perform numerical tests. With the use of automotive inspection tools, the requirements for automotive parts have also become relatively high.

Automobile manufacturers can be very emboldened to develop new models, with good parts, the performance of the car will be greatly improved.

This is also the so-called market core competitiveness of modern automobile manufacturers. It can be seen that the development of automobile inspection equipment has led to the development of the entire automotive industry.

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