What Is The Role Of Car Inspection

- Apr 20, 2018-

 With the popularity of automobiles in our daily lives, the requirements for the production capacity and quality of automobile manufacturing are also increasing. The appearance of automobile inspection tools has made it easier for traditional auto assemblers to operate and has greatly increased the development speed of the auto manufacturing industry. Therefore, it has been widely used. So what's the use of car gages?

Car inspection tool

      1. The automobile inspection tool is developed according to the special planning and design requirements of each model. It can be used to inspect the size and size of professional vehicle inspection tools, and then it is measured and evaluated. It is mainly used to determine and adjust the accuracy of the mold in the preparation stage. And the daily management of the size after mass production.

      2. For the new models, especially the development of new models, the reference materials are relatively few. At this time, the car inspection tools can help to quickly perform the debugging work. In particular, when the status of the parts and equipment in the early period is not stable, it can become a reference.

      3. The main body of a car inspection tool is a main frame of the inspection tool, including the base of the inspection tool (ie, datum plane), the body surface, and the mounting portion. Generally speaking, the base and the body surface use epoxy resin or aluminum material. .

      4. In the stage of product verification, car inspection tools can also play a key role, especially during the first test phase of batch parts, many of the design validation work can be carried out on the master model inspection tool.

      5. In the trial production phase, the conflict between the white body and the interior and exterior plastic parts is often unavoidable. The car inspection tool can effectively determine the root of the problem, link the digital prototype with the production model and parts. This guides the modification of unqualified parts and points the way for product quality improvement.

      6. The manufacture of automobile inspection tools is usually divided into aluminum parts, resins or iron parts. Considering the daily maintenance and service life, we must regularly maintain and handle them. Sometimes we must perform surface treatments such as spraying.

      What role does Huayang Hua have for automotive inspections? This is the result of the increasing sophistication of automotive inspection products. Now that it can already be equipped in mid-to-high-end car manufacturing, the development potential of the car inspection tool market is immense.

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