Epoxy Resin Tooling Board Material Checking Fixture Making

Epoxy Resin Tooling Board Material Checking Fixture Making

Congratulation! Like these pictures , this's a good job. P80201 project , all the project have 14 sets checking fixture , all the project need more strong design and manufacture capability. Our team did , We completed the highest quality in the shortest possible time. Thanks so much for our...

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Since our establishment, we have been adhering to the business philosophy of 'survive by quality and development by reputation', using first-class equipment, and through strict procurement, process control, and quality control procedures to professionally create trustworthy Single parts Fixtures, CMM positioner, Checking fixture for auto plastic parts for you. We rely on high-quality product quality and a rich product series to provide you with a full range of solutions. Our customers mainly distributed in the North America, Africa and Eastern Europe.

The fixture tolerance as Datum/hole: +/- 0.05mm, surface +/- 0.1mmm

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Our main products:
3D CMM Holding Fixtures(Just pilot datum&clamp) 
Single stamping checking fixtures
Single plastic checking fixtures
Single Carbon Fibre Checking Fixture
Assemble stamping parts checking fixtures
Assemble plastic checking fixtures
Assemble Carbon Fibre Checking Fixture
Hot Forming Checking Fixture
Cubin Checking Fixture
White Body Checking Fixture

About us:

Our expertise is in leading R&D,manufacture and measure serving automotive checking fixtures&jigs and auto parts machining.With advanced equipments CNC 42 SETS,CMM17 STS,5 AXIS 2 SETS from Taiwan,Janpan,USA,ITALY,GERMANY. Annual output can reach over 1500sets. High quality,competitive price,24hours feedback.

Ttm-checkingfixture.com is specialized in Checking fixtsure built as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China. Our factory is equipped with advanced equipment. Welcome to buy the cheap appliance made in China from us.

Size 1000*750*280

Weight 102KG

The fixture tolerance as Datum/hole: +/- 0.05mm, surface +/- 0.1mmm .

With the development of market demand and products, our Epoxy Resin Tooling Board Material Checking Fixture Making is constantly updated and improve in the direction of diversification and specialization. Our company's internal philosophy is "integrity and unity". We look forward to your correspondence.
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