Stamping Checking Fixture

Stamping Checking Fixture

The stamping checking fixture that we only used 7 weeks to manufacture it. And one week to design , 3 day to with customer confirm the design. That's a extremely lead time. The result that it's a good job.

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Product Details

Product Description

This is a package of stamping checking fixture, totally in 14 sets, we made for our  customer GL. This package of checking fixtures are used to check rear parts of vehicle.

In the process of design, we find that all sets of designs are similar. We offered our customer one set of design first. After receiving their feedback, we well know their specific requirements and preference and then we offer them the left designs. In this way, we reduced the design reviewing times, enhancing efficiency and shortening the delivery.

We adopted 3mm gap, flush check and vernier check slots for all of these checking fixtures per our customer requirement.Detailed English Operating Instruction with clear guidance for gauge using will be offerd to our customer. Our customer can also download these instructions form our website at any time.


The Average Gauge Size : 1050*900*300   mm

The Average Weight: 149 KG



Base Plate and body: Aluminium

Swing component : Steel


Base Plate and Body: Original Color of Mental

The Steel and Aluminum Parts: Original Color of Mental


Manufacturing tolerance:

1.The Flatness of Base Plate     0.05/1000  

2.The Thickness of Base Plate     ±0.03mm  

3.The Location Datum               ±0.02mm  

4.The Surface                            ±0.05mm

5.The Checking Pins and Holes   ±0.05mm

blob.png blob.png

Instruction and  operation

First we open the star screw, then open all the swing components.

blob.png blob.png

Second we put the parts on the nets, use the B/C locating pin to location parts, and then stab all pin to check the surface .

blob.png blob.png

Third use the feeler to check all the sides and surfaces.

blob.png  blob.png

Quality Control

CMM (3D Coordinate Measuring Machine), Vms-2515G 2D Projector, HR-150 A Hardness Tester

Third Party Certification done by ShenZhen Silver Basis Testing Technology Co., Ltd , ISO17025 Certified


Lead time & Packing

7 weeks after 3D design approved send the checking fixture to our customer factory.

Primary Competitive Advantages

Pursuit Of Quality Excellence

Multiple Products & Services

Efficiency Consciousness-On-Time Delivery

Cost Consciousness-Innovative Design Solutions To Reduce The Cost

Timely Communication With Our Customer

Compliance With Cooperator’s Terms And Conditions

NDA(Non-disclosure Agreement) is specialized in stamping checking fixture built as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China. Our factory is equipped with advanced equipment. Welcome to buy the cheap appliance made in China from us.

Position pin and GO/NOGO of stamping checking fixture


Hand apply block of stamping checking fixture 


Dial indacator of stamping checking fixture


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